Youtube got blocked: Affect from Fitna the movie

Started from today when I write this article officially memkominfo has declared ultimatum to blocked access into youtube and any blog or website has fitna Movie content on it.

Mohammad Nuh

This letter of ultimatum has been sent to 146 ISP (Internet Service Provider) and 30 NAP (Network Access Provider) on Indonesia, It’s strange because I can still access youtube site. Also I’m disagree with blocking access to youtube site because fitna movie. Actually I hate that movie from my personal view that movie can make war because provocating Muslim and Christian,BUT youtube is not the maker so why we should blocked youtube site? Still there is lot of better content on youtube and because only fitna movie we blocked it?

Agree or disagree youtube should take this issue seriously before all country blocked their site access permanently youtube will die, youtube will be nothing without their user. Administrator should take position on this by censored bad video content.

Freedom of speaking? writing?! Not yet!! we are not totally freedom!!!

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