Youtube Can Accessed Again!

nuh.jpgHa Ha Ha 😀 finally our government has learn something over this week, Internet Power! Started from today all Indonesian people can access youtube website again, memkoninfo officially said access into youtube and some site has “fitna” movie on it can be accessed but blocked for URL of that movie.

This is better than totally blocked site content, After a week people has depressed (me too :p) we are complaining and plan to make big demonstration because we all believe this is totally make us STUPID on this world by blocked big site like youtube. I love youtube content it’s creative. Anyway not all people have some view point like me so if youtube want to stay be loved and exist I suggest use that MODERATION functions.

Indonesian Government officially apologized for any lost or damage for a week because this blocking they also officially tell us what Google inc write to Government using as media google said will not deleted this video but google asking to work together for blocking “bad site” you know in here mean p**n LOL 😀

Here is the list URL get blocked from accessed because has “fitna” movie content on it:

3. 1 399959
4. Fitna_anti-islam_movie_by_ceert_Wilders
5. https://video.aof .mm/videodetaillfitna-the-movie/16966’16402
6. https://blogfi lmfi
7. https://f :5444s/fitna-fl
9. https://thepiratebay.o tglto 4 1 027 38 lF itna_the_movie_-.English_-_AVl_and_FLV_format

The last thing……. I’m just curious if there is someone make a really bad video about george bush or barack obama or anything that can hurt western people will youtube deleted it or not… Freedom Anyone?

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