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Good day! I wishing everyone happy in this Christmas and Holiday season 😀


In this short articles I want to write my personal experiment review for WP super cache. Here is the story, In the past 6-9 months ago I’m using wp super cache just because my hosting recommended it. I run some websites on budget host and most host technician complaint about resources. Nothing special until I notice my revenue is not so great even my traffic great enough.

Two weeks ago I bought a new server just because my websites not fit anymore on budget host. I do setting and everything run properly until I notice something annoying. My traffic is greater but my revenue is to low. Why this is happen? I do some research and analyze the problem, Re-Setting server configuration to the maximum resources but there is no difference.

At the first time I was thinking: Maybe (just maybe) my traffic not coming from premium country so it may not so great in conversion and affect my revenue. But it was wrong! not completely wrong actually! I do deep analyze and found my UV and Impressions not counting correctly. After long investigation I found the problem is on cache. I believe many of you already know what is wp super cache, but for you don’t know what is it: wp super cache generate HTML files and serving those HTML to all visitors: real human traffic including search engine bot traffic.

So I do some experiment to prove my logic. You all know me, if I’m interest on something I should prove it he he.. I make 2 sites, The first one I do setting maximum cache, and the seconds I do an average settings. The result is magnificent :


  • SEO Ranking increased, (speed).
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Low revenue.
  • Low traffic UV and Impression.


  • SEO Ranking: Unknown!.
  • Average CPU usage (green).
  • Higher revenue.
  • Higher traffic UV and Impression.

So now I am asking what is your orientation. If your orientation for SEO or Revenue you can choose which one is fits for your needs. You’re going for SEO the just apply strategy number one, You’re going for revenue then just apply strategy number two. If you hate this thing just bought a new costly dedicated server and all problems maybe gone he he.. That’s my share today, Have a Great Day Everyone! 😀

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