Where to buy cheap domain name

Here comes to my idea after long time to busy forテあwriting onテあthis blog, making aテあlist ofテあwebsiteテあwhere we can get cheapest domain ever on Internet are good idea.

Why buy domain? we can develop a great website using that domainテあor we can resale it again for higher price if we can get a good one name. Not just that we can parking it to earn money online as long we know how to get traffic for it. 泗

In criteria what a good domain name:

  • Short alphabet 3-5 are rares

  • Strong extension, .com are much powerful than .net,テあ.info, etc.

  • Easy name to remember like cola, simba, mojo, etc.

1. godaddy.com

Average price, worth service,テあnot to cheap but most people love to buy domain in here, there is discountテあfor bulk buyer, right now you can get $0.99 .info on there!

2. name.com

Cheap and worth, most people like to buy .com and .net in here, they offer best price on yearly price, you can get $5.99 .net andテあdiscounted .com using promotion code TLHF99

3. domain.yahoo.com

You can get cheapestテあ$1.99 .com (1st year) in here, promotion only valid for new costumer.

Investing your domain name right now before it to late!

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5 thoughts on “Where to buy cheap domain name”

  1. I can contratict you on GoDaddy, there are various discounts there, if you use coupons codes(yes, people love to buy from them). People can simply google for discounts or coupons, but I’ll just give you an example (I have various, I googled myself, yet I’ll just quote, sorry if it looks like an ad, it originally was one):
    Non-expiring coupon codes for GoDaddy.com, they work with renewals also. Just enter them at checkout.
    CRAZY3 – .COM for $7.45 – Save $2
    CRAZY1 – 10% off any order
    CRAZY2 – $5 off any order $30 or more
    Yeah, oki, it does not compare with the other prices you listed, but then again, you have more certainty that your registration will actually work. And that is a good thing, isn’t it? (don’t start me on non-responsive, almost fraudulent by lack of professionalism companies, I could go on forever)

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