Watchout your network from: invisible worms/virus

This is Madness, my BIGGEST failure since 2001 in manage my own cyber cafe. 2 or 4 days ago I fell something strange happen with my ADSL connection it’s run very slowly and I’m pretty sure there is something run in my background. I do checked my background, I scan my computers with trusted antivirus, what I found.. NOTHING!

To bad, I let that worm run on my computers until yesterday and I found something. I tested my ADSL connection by unplug my lan wire then connect it again… and you bet what I found DSL modem blinking tell me there is something used the internet connection!.

To make it sure I was called my ISP support and ask him if there is something wrong on their network, he’s answer everything run like normally. OMG… WT* WT* I’m pretty sure my personal computers in my room sending something out to Internet. I was going to my room and do SUPERMAMBO move, GHOST it to make my windows XP back to the state clean install.

The bad news now, I do checking my IP if there someone listed my IP on blacklist list. I do check from here and found there is some website listed my IP as spammer…. errrrr… emmm… and stranger’s keep continues, dalnet network autokilled my IP when I try connecting into they server, Egold blocked my IP from accessing my account. This worm affect really SUCKS!

I was contacting those website who’s listed my IP as spammer and told them this is an mistake, I’m not sending spam but there is worm in my computers and I already get that worms OUT! from my computers. Progress very slow, at least I have to wait for a week.. *woops* slowly world wait web… my bad…. nothing I can do right now, just waiting…

My tips for you

  • Always get the lattest update from your antivirus vendor.
  • Always get the lattest update from your Operating System.
  • Sometimes worm or virus not detected automatically you should check it manually.
  • If you feel something strange stop your internet activity and check to make sure you are on clean state.
  • Do proxy test at least once a month, you can do it free from here.
  • Check at least once a month for BlackListed, you can do it for free from here.

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