TUTOR:Fastest & simple way to move your website

How to move your site from one host to another host with easy and fast? It might easy if you have a little site you can simply backup those all files and upload it into your new host. The real situation today is how to move your BIG site fast and of course always free.

This is happen to me in last 2 days ago when I moving all off my website from dreamhost to hostmonster I working in front of my computer around 3-5 hours to complete it *lol* it’s really fast!? I moving looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of site from other to another he he he.. I don’t say Dreamhost s*ck in my oppinion their price is to high and they not compete on this day most of my site got timeout error message, advertiser leave me!! Hostmonster offer better hosting plan with cheap price and service. hostmonster review will be written after a month I used they service.

Now let’s back to the business *LOL* the fastest and simple way to move your website is using SSH Access. First it will not take to much of your internet bandwith imagine if your site have total size 100GB and you have to move it quickly in just 10 minutes ha ha ha you might think this is impossible

No, it’s possible!! to use SSH Access you will need a program called putty first packing all files on your site, if your host have cPanel you can simply backup all your files and move it when ready. How if your host don’t have cPanel? from SSH type:

tar cvf myfiles.tar mysitepath

*Learn it yourself about nix command how to creating tar archive this example will making myfiles.tar file contain everything from mysitepath folder… to learn tar manual command read it from HERE

Good now we have our tar archive, next begin to move it into our new host using wget command or ftp it manualy from SSH host, example:

wget https://www.mysite.com/backup/blabla/myfiles.rar

Attention: sometimes this way is not allowed! don’t know why most of hosting company not allowed we moved BIG files out from their space they want we keep it on it and continue paid to using it :p in case wget not working you can use FTP or NCFTP command, once you connected you can using get or put command depend on situation to move your files.

Alright now the site archive files already moved to new host, time to extract it! type..

tar xzf myfiles.tar

Hurray! we have move all files from other host to new host fast! Optional if your web using MySQL database you should backup it from phpmyadmin there is export button in the top of your screen, use it! now you have database and files already moved into new host. Import this database to your new host database and check your configuration files. Last test open your website to see if there anything goes wrong you have to fix it manually.

I forget but there is a website offer me service to move one of my site for $127.9 completed in 3 days pffffffttttttttt….. using this method I move it just in minutes and always free.

Have fun everyone! 😀

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