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communication.jpgWhy translate..? The best way to partnership is to communicate with your partners in their own language. English is standard language right now on this world, but… How many from us can write and understand it in more specific? We live in different country and culture. sometimes it’s not really easy to understand how and what to say in English. I’m proudly as the one! my English still bad until now he he he.. how about you’re wrong understand your about partner say OMG it will become trouble, OoopS! :-p

There are so many free online translator out there example: inbahasa ,babelfish, worldlingo, and many more other website service I can’t write them all in this little pages. Anyway this is based on free service so you can’t get total translation, sometimes it translating not into the point but in subject.

Beside all those free service there is paid services. Iafindia is premium translation service, may some of us asking why we should pay just for translating from other to another language if we can do it for free? Iafindia is premium service, I believe you guys know what the difference between premium and free… the difference is in result quality. Iafindia can translating on major Indian languages, Arabic, Farsi, and English. Translations delivered by email, FTP, and any other method.

Stop lose your partners because you can’t make good communication with them.. *lol*

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