Securing my CyberCafe Computers

I really hate when people claimed using shared computers always not secure. To stop that words from spreading I do lot of software review and implemented it on my own cybercafe to attract people for use it. 1. I do reinstall all Windows XP home edition from zero (clean install) to make sure my windows on top performance I’m not doing any windows software update, I just updated the driver and security patch. 2. Buy deepfreeze standard edition from faronics company to help me keep my cybercafe computers keep clean from any virus, mallware, spyware or anything each time it… Read More »Securing my CyberCafe Computers

Stop Virus Stargate

There is virus attack my cybercafe server again yesterday. It’s identified as “Stargate” It’s Really hard to stop it first time my server got infected. I lost almost my public data caused by this virus 🙁 Here is the way for people looking to stop this virus, I’m not guarantee this way will make your system clean 100% but sure it will stop the virus. 1. Unplug all cable connected to and from your computers network. 2. Better clean your computer in safe mode 3. Kill Virus process, you can use KillVB to do this. Before you kill virus process… Read More »Stop Virus Stargate

Auto Backup MySQL Database

Data is important thing in company or organization. People who can’t protect their data is the loser this day. Can you imagine you lost all your data for works? it just like a heaven go away from you he he.. This happen to me yesterday and I lost 1 month production data caused by bad electrical environment. In this short articles I will share a small information how to backup your data periodically. I am using windows server and xampp to run every automation so I will write how to backup MySQL database periodically. First thing you need to know,… Read More »Auto Backup MySQL Database

Simple “WatchDog” Application

Good morning, I wish everybody have a great day. In this short articles I will write about making an simple “watchdog” application. 14 days ago I need to stabilize an bug application. The bug is really annoying , My application have memory leak each seconds timer fired. This is a bug from VbMySql direct and ODBC MySql Connector, My options to raised physical memory is not approved because application will consume more and more memory without limitation. My second options is writing a new application but it will take more than a month working so I stay with this buggy… Read More »Simple “WatchDog” Application

How To Remove Services303.exe, Fake Adobe Speed launcher Virus

My cybercafe just got infected this virus yesterday. It’s spreading from removable device users plug into my server. It’s really annoying because my computers starts to hang for 10 seconds and then it run again but very slows. All I notice is windows give notification low virtual memory, I cannot run Internet explorer (but still I can run another .exe application), and I cannot shutdown the computer. It also effect Internet connection speed, but I’m not really sure about this. When I type in command prompt netstats -a I see a lot of established connection (maybe virus sending or downloading… Read More »How To Remove Services303.exe, Fake Adobe Speed launcher Virus

How to Remove Conficker.A and Conficker.B Variant

This is really strange case on one of my cycber cafe computer. I used ESET/NOD32 antivirus to check all computers in my networks but the result is clean. One I notice is explorer.exe and svchost.exe use to much CPU usage and Memory. I sense there is something strange because usually this computer can run faster. After checked it with this small tools memory checker finally I found the problem, my computers infected with Conficker.B Variant, It’s really funny when commercial antivirus say my computer clean.. LOL.. The Conficker.B variant a little strange, I still can open Microsoft website. The important… Read More »How to Remove Conficker.A and Conficker.B Variant

Make Money: Monetize You Mobile Site With AdMob (Integration)

Hello everyone, In this short articles I will write about possibilities to monetize mobile site and how to integrate admob code into wordpress mobile site. In this short articles I used wodpress as desktop web engine and wp-mobile-pack plugin as mobile web engine. In the past articles on my blog we already know and learn about AdMob as alternative way to monetize mobile site, admob rank become better and legit after google purchase them so don’t worry about their reputation. For wp-mobile-pack you need to learn my past articles how to doing a small modification that will affect your SEO.… Read More »Make Money: Monetize You Mobile Site With AdMob (Integration)

How to: Install Triple Operating System. Windows XP, Ubuntu, and Windows 7.

Hi everyone I’m back again 🙂 this time we will learn how to make triple boot with 3 operating system on 1 (one) notebook/personal computers. In this short tutorials I will show you the way how to install windows XP, ubuntu, and windows 7 without need to much modification and of course with low error risk. I guarantee everyone can follow this simple steps without problem as long you read every step carefully. This installation should starts from windows XP then ubuntu and then windows 7. If you not follow this step I’m not guarantee if you meet problem in… Read More »How to: Install Triple Operating System. Windows XP, Ubuntu, and Windows 7.

How To: Install Squid On Windows 7

Squid is a caching proxy server that can help reduce internet bandwidth usage and improving response time of loading a website by caching and re-using frequently opened web page. Squid reduce the bandwidth usage and accelerate the website loading by caching static website objects such as images, flash objects and text files, with some modification Squid can cache larger files such as PDF, MP3, executable, flash videos, etc. Last week ago my client ask me to install squid on his computers. First time I meet problem because I’m not familiar with windows 7 (XP Still the best for me). The… Read More »How To: Install Squid On Windows 7

Remove Gadis Desa W32/Wayrip.A

This virus categorized as low class because actually this virus not really hard to removed and not really annoyed. Carefully when you received this messages/pop up:

1Â nikmatnya_gadis_desa
2Â saat pertama berkenalan dengannya aku merasa senang
3Â dia hanya seorang gadis desa
4Â dengan cahaya pada bola matanya
5Â yang mampu membawaku terbang
6Â dengan keluguannya
7Â yang selalu membuatku membimbingnya
8Â dia adalam matahariku
9Â yang mencairkan kebekuan hatiku
10 dari :rieysha

To know if your computer infected by this virus is you will see many multimedia files with size around 148KB This virus will generate lot of this files type so it will take enough your disk-space.

Norman antivirus can detect this virus as W32/Wayrip.A


Virus Master

After success to active this virus will creating his master file and also copied it into another drive like d: e: etc.


Virus will change registry value in HKLM to make it active each time computer reboot:

nikmatnya_gadis_desa = C:\nikmatnya_gadis_desa.exe

To protect himself from people( like me 😛 ) this Virus will try to blocking some windows function like:

– Folder Option
– Run
– Find
– Menu Shutdown
– Drive C:\
– Registry Editor
– Task Manager

Virus will change your browser start page redirected to (Account already deleted by ripway company) This is the virus creator homepage he try to get lot of people come to his website maybe just for click him adsense ads *LOL*

Virus will change your time AM PM value into riesyha


Virus will change your windows information


Virus will hiding your drive C:


The best part of this virus he will try to kill all security/antivirus programs with caption:
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