How To: Verified Your Alertpay Account Using VCC

AlertPay is second popular payment processors after PaypPal. I seen many merchant already used Alertpay as PayPal alternative more than LibertyReserve or other payment processor. I also planning to used them as my second payment processor after their release AlertPay prepaid card. Since 29 November 2010 AlertPay change their verification method to be more harder to follow. In the past we can get verified very easy just using our cellphone number. This method actually not secured but most people love it since it’s really easy to follow. Actually If you have bank account and AlertPay Allowed you to do bank… Read More »How To: Verified Your Alertpay Account Using VCC

Ebook: Virtual Credit Cards Secrets Revealed.

Hello Everyone, After more than a years I used this method to sell virtual credit card to you without any problem on it. Today, I decide to sell this secret “how to make money with virtual credit card“. This ebook is limited edition written by myself! it’s available only for 25 serious buyer. You will got all information you needed about virtual credit cards how to create your own virtual credit card store, where to get/created/generate your own virtual credit card. All information on this ebook included all requirements, procedure, tips and tricks for what you need to created your… Read More »Ebook: Virtual Credit Cards Secrets Revealed.