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Remove virus AMBURADUL (all varian)

They never been stop spreading their knowledge…. and we also never let them alive forever. This is the article how to remove amburadul virus for all varian no need for antivirus program you can simply clean it using manual technique. The simple way to know if your computer infected by this virus is you will see JPEG files with aplication extension. Now let’s start to remove it! 1. Unplug your infected computer from your network to stop this virus spreading. 2. Disable “System Restore” when in cleaning process. 3. Kill the virus process using power tools “currprocess” kill all process… Read More »Remove virus AMBURADUL (all varian)

How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x

This is an short tutorial how to remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x virus. This short articles will cover how to detected your system if infected by this virus, how this virus will spreading on your network and removable device , and what you can do to stop this virus then remove it from your system. This  short articles provided “AS-IS” with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. How to detect if your system infected by Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x Virus. 1. Like an older sality technique, virus will disabled your registry editors. 2. Virus will change your… Read More »How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x

HOW TO: Remove Facebook Virus W32/Obfuscated.D2!genr

Computer virus always using sociable technique to infecting their victims. When there is gossip virus creator always using this gossip to spreading their virus ex:paris hilton xxx movies, what FBI hidding from us, etc. This time they’re using facebook popularity to infect all facebook fans. This virus also has been reported bundled with FAKE antispyware security tools. When you see this on your monitor that mean you’re already infected. Just ignore this fake antispyware warning, if you follow it you will get more virus infected your computer or your operating system gonna be corrupt. How to Remove Facebook Virus W32/Obfuscated.D2!genr… Read More »HOW TO: Remove Facebook Virus W32/Obfuscated.D2!genr

6 Step to: Remove Jengkol Virus

Jengkol.. What a stupid virus name, Jengkol is traditional food in Indonesia,  I don’t know how to categorized this one as food or fruit… usually some people like to eat this thing but I’m not those crazy one. THE SMELL *LOL*


Alright I think no need to explain more about what is jengkol ha..ha..ha..

This virus jengkol affect is it will logging off your computers once you executed .INF files or when you editing .VBS file. This virus will works by hiding all files he found with .DOC extension. You work in big company? when this happen your bos will fire you *LOL*

Alright let’s remove this virus out from your computers with 6 simple steps. Read More »6 Step to: Remove Jengkol Virus


Remove W32/VBWorm.QXE (bulubebek)

Bulubebek virus has been made using visual basic with size 53kb. Bulubebek Virus very easy to removed using some manual technique. Once virus active it will created master files:

  • \Windows\Script.exe
  • \Windows\LSASS.exe
  • \Documents and Settings\%user%\autorun.inf
  • \Documents and Settings\%user%\bulubebek.ini
  • \bulubebek.ini
  • \autorun.inf

When virus active it will blocking some windows functions such as task manager, folder option, command prompt and more… This virus spreading (usually because it was designed) using flashdisk media by creating autorun.inf files.


Hidden folder and duplicate folder

Bulubebek has been designed and working almost same with older brontox varian, it will hidden your  real folder and make duplicate .exe files with folder icon to tricky some newbie out there.

Step to cleaning bulubebek virus

1. I recommended to unplug your computers from your network, not really necessary but I think it’s gonna be safe.
2. Disable “System Restore” when in cleaning process.Read More »Remove W32/VBWorm.QXE (bulubebek)