Please stop spam my blog!

Can you guys stop spam my blog?! Please leave useful comment only do not link to other/p**n site which have totally different content as my topic! if you’re looking for backlink I’m not giving free service in here. Try spamming in other site not in here!! RELATED SEARCH TERMS:stop spamstop spamspammingstop the spamspammingstop the spamstopstopspamspamspam stopspam stop

Remove Most mIRC Spam

Your mIRC client sending spam messages without your permission? STOP IT! This day spam used as business for some bad people on internet they called the dark side of internet. Spam is business? how can I say that… Spam was targeting on some newbie, the reason behind it simple just for MONEY or VIRUS SPREADING we should fight back and stop this spam. My Topic this time is the remover for the most mIRC client spam, it’s free no need to pay! Spam remover Guide how to use it: After you download it you should put it in the root… Read More »Remove Most mIRC Spam

Apache and Lighttpd Short Reviews

Choosing your web server programs might needed when you need to use maximum resource on your server. This happen to me around 2-4 days ago when there is contact from abuse department hosting about my vps reached it’s maximum specification. I frustrated because they gonna kick me out or they might charge me more if I can’t lower usage resource. After looking at the problem I was found out there is someone using (maybe bug) to use my server as spam email, I deleted that email account, the spam gone and memory going down a little, but the vps resource… Read More »Apache and Lighttpd Short Reviews

Repair:Antivirus XP 2008, CNN fake message, get_flash_update.exe, Spam & Fake blue screen of death(BSOD)

Not all antivirus program this day will help you eliminate yourテあvirus problem, In this case antivirus XP 2008テあis spyware which try to make your computer as spam zombie.テあ This case make a strong people opinion on corporation between virus maker and antivirus maker(bad joke) *LOL* Be careful when you open email from someone you don’t know, specially from Daily Top 10テあwith subjectテあ Daily Top 10 this email will asking you to update your flash player but actually that file is virus. If you downloaded and run this files it will making virusテあmaster and downloaded files from internet automatically then run… Read More »Repair:Antivirus XP 2008, CNN fake message, get_flash_update.exe, Spam & Fake blue screen of death(BSOD)