8 Step to Remove W32/Sality.AE

Sality is an computer virus which will infected any files with extension .exe .com and .scr , sality will using your default share folder to spreading in your network area beside that sality using old autorun.inf technique also to spreading. Your application will become a little bigger in size around 60kb-80kb after sality infected it. No need to hide this virus was created in China /Taiwan it have some website list to update himself with new varian some of them,,, and many more. Blocking this site list using hosts file might help you in short condition… Read More »8 Step to Remove W32/Sality.AE

How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x

This is an short tutorial how to remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x virus. This short articles will cover how to detected your system if infected by this virus, how this virus will spreading on your network and removable device , and what you can do to stop this virus then remove it from your system. This short articles provided “AS-IS” with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. How to detect if your system infected by Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x Virus. 1. Like an older sality technique, virus will disabled your registry editors. 2. Virus will change your… Read More »How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x