PHP:Read Microsoft Access Database

Hi all, This article is sample php code on how to pull data from Microsoft Access Database, Anyway this code only works on windows hosting only, when you try in linux hosting you will get message Fatal error: Class ‘COM’ not found. What is benefit to using this code? Last week I made simple SMS gateway in my personal computer then use Microsoft Access Database as my database. Now I need to show this database out into web page using PHP script. with this code it will be possible. Just learn this code below it’s very simple, you can pull… Read More »PHP:Read Microsoft Access Database

PHP:Show Online/Offline Server Status

In this article we will learn how to created online/offline server status, mostly this php code function used in gaming site to show server available or not. In my emulate site I was created sample php snippet code to show server online/offline. Click here to read sample code in txt format. All you need is just this sample code: <? $ip = “this.ismy.ip.number”; $port = “portnumber”; if ([email protected]($ip,$port,$ERROR_NO,$ERROR_STR,(float)0.5)) { fclose($check); echo “MY OWN SERVER<br>”; echo “<img border=’0′ src=’images/online.jpg’ alt=’ONLINE’>”; } else { echo “MY OWN SERVER<br>”; echo “<img border=’0′ src=’images/offline.jpg’ alt=’OFFLINE’>”; } ?> Sample result: Just that! really simple right?… Read More »PHP:Show Online/Offline Server Status

SEO: Sitemap generator for 4images

Hello everyone 🙂 this is another good SEO plugins for 4images gallery systems. This sitemap generator can help your visitor or any SE bot found out detailed about your website. This can help you raise your pagerank and also in same time helping your page got indexed in Search Engine. I have tested this plugin on my wallpapers site using 4images v1.7.4 and it’s working pretty good without any bug.


First, what you need for this plugin? You need to download this package first. Extract it then upload it into your hosting (default template name should be changed with your own template name)

Alright now we ready for installation:

1. Open includes/page_header.php


"media_url" => MEDIA_PATH,

Insert bellow:

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PHP:Play with Current Page URL

Here come to my attention to share this tips & trick, Story started when there advertiser want to advertise their ad on specific URL on my site, I got confused on how to make it working. Basically every PHP code I have are global and I need to make ads showing on specific URL only. Thanks to google as my best online teacher I do googling and found some code but there is nothing really works 100%. Finally I do some modification and found out how to do it. First, we have make PHP function here is the code: <?php… Read More »PHP:Play with Current Page URL

HostMonster Review

Well, It’s not 30 day’s yet since I use HostMonster service, but I really love to write my review about them to let people know HostMonster are good web-hosting company. Let me compare HostMonster with other web-hosting service I already used. HostMonster VS DreamHost HostMonster are little better than DreamHost, In HostMonster everything can be managed very easily using cPanel. DreamHost not using cPanel and little hard for some newbie. Beside that, in factor price HostMonster are cheaper than DreamHost with unlimmited space and bandwith HostMonster win in here compared to DreamHost, Plus in HostMonster you have ability to change… Read More »HostMonster Review