FREE: Classified Ads List

As my promise to my lovely readers, Here is my classified ads list.. You can use it to promote your website/blog and also use it to get backlink for your website/blog. Some sites on this list might not works, You should re-check it yourself or you can search new one using keywords “free classifieds” For faster and clean process I recommended you to use Roboform to fill the form and make one fake email address to prevent spam. This is my data from November 2007 :… Read More »FREE: Classified Ads List

Make Money: Optimize Your Revenue Through LinkWorth – Linkwords

This is a short tips and trick for you to optimize your make money journey through inline text ad linkworth-linkwords. As I already written in the past there is 3 the best of inline text advertising. It wasÂlinkworth, infolinks, and kontera (sorted by higher revenue). We already know linkworth pay higher than other networks but sometimes we don’t know what keywords will turned into inline text ads correct? Today I was login into my linkworth account and found something interesting on there 😀 If you want to optimize your revenue through linkworth-linkwords you have to write some keywords they listed… Read More »Make Money: Optimize Your Revenue Through LinkWorth – Linkwords

How to:Optimize Internal Web Pages for Maximum Adsense Revenue.

Internal Optimization means on-page optimization that you should take into consideration while writing your internal web pages. This is one thing you have complete control over. Besides, it has a major effect on the ads relevancy and CTR. Meta Tags Meta Keywords: They have low impact, BUT – they DO have impact over the ads relevancy. You are advised not to leave this part of your page as blank. Always try to make it as easy as possible for the crawlers to understand your website. Create your web page with Meta keywords. If there is NO CONTENT on your webpage,… Read More »How to:Optimize Internal Web Pages for Maximum Adsense Revenue.