Youtube got blocked: Affect from Fitna the movie

Started from today when I write this article officially memkominfo has declared ultimatum to blocked access into youtube and any blog or website has fitna Movie content on it.

Mohammad Nuh

This letter of ultimatum has been sent to 146 ISP (Internet Service Provider) and 30 NAP (Network Access Provider) on Indonesia, It’s strange because I can still access youtube site. Also I’m disagree with blocking access to youtube site because fitna movie. Actually I hate that movie from my personal view that movie can make war because provocating Muslim and Christian,Read More »Youtube got blocked: Affect from Fitna the movie

Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo


Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo

Dari situs

Kepada Yth. Sdr. Roy Suryo
Perihal: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Mengenai Perkembangan dan Isu Blogger Indonesia.


Banyaknya aspirasi para blogger yang tertuang dalam blognya masing-masing mengenai ketidaksetujuan atas komentar-komentar Sdr. Roy Suryo di media massa yang cenderung selalu memojokkan blogger.


Perlunya tindakan untuk meluruskan informasi-informasi yang diberikan Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada media massa, khususnya mengenai pandangan negatif Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada blogger.

Memutuskan & Menetapkan

Perlu dilakukannya dialog terbuka dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo mengenai isu-isu yang berkembang saat ini, khususnya isu-isu yang selalu menyudutkan blogger serta informasi-informasi lain yang secara umum cenderung membodohi masyarakat.

Saya mengajak kepada Sdr. Roy Suryo, untuk melakukan dialog terbuka dengan semangat sportifitas untuk saling menerima masukan guna kemajuan perkembangan teknologi informasi Indonesia khususnya perkembangan blogger di Indonesia.

Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo sebagai orang yang sudah diakui pakar dalam bidang Teknologi Informasi bisa meluangkan waktu dan tempat untuk menerima ajakan dialog terbuka ini.


Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo tidak akan mengatakan tidak tahu mengenai adanya ajakan dialog terbuka ini. Ajakan dialog terbuka saya posting melalui blog dan insya Allah akan tersebar Read More »Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo


Free $100 From Paypal

I got this information when I doing blog walking to my friends blog, Paypal promote their self to country around ASIA. I got information from some source that Paypal will get some big competitor, said AMEX , etc. That’s maybe the valid reason they promote and giving free gift to people around ASIA.テあ This free gift only valid to specific country: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. If you out from this country then sorry you can’t join this offer. How to get $100 free from paypal? follow this step: You should have facebook account. If you… Read More »Free $100 From Paypal

Indonesia, Paradise of Internet Cheater

Sad, But this is reality we faced now in here. Once again someone cheating me, Indonesian people again!テあKASKUSテあcase again! I’m Lucky can trace this young one fast and easy. *Click for big Photos This is the cheater posed in camera withテあmoneyテあfrom people he scammed. Fool!! this boy doesn’t know with who he faced right now *ME OF COURSE! LOL* 沽 The chronologist: I reading advertisement about reseller hosting aroundテあ2 month ago, This one sold really cheap and I’m interesting, poor me I buy this fake product. Day’s rolling this person looks like not really professional in server management at that… Read More »Indonesia, Paradise of Internet Cheater