ScalaHosting Review

After searching on hosting review I found out most people like scalahosting and recommended them as good hosting provider. I try using their hosting service with start plan, everything was fine until one day… The problem is still not coming after I add my domain on there. In next 24 hour scalahosting email me and tell me this site has reach limit they provided in their hosting service. They asking me to upgrade but not using shared hosting I just can use VPS/DS for this site. I think it’s only marketing strategy. I believe once host company email and… Read More »ScalaHosting Review

How To Fix WordPress Database Error

If you are using wordpress or other cms and have a lot of data in you sql, your site usually will unavailable with common message database error. What actually error on your database? Nothing, this is all about query limitation on your hosting. Your blog will grown in time, say in the last months you got 10,000 readers and in the next month you got 1,000,000 readers. When people access your site it’s continuously reading data again from your database, when it to much some hosting will stop it to executed. This is not good for SEO because your potential… Read More »How To Fix WordPress Database Error

PHP: How To Fix Mostly wp-db.php Out Of Memory

Have you run big wordpress site and suddenly find out there is something not working after your wordpress site become bigger? I do, and sometimes I was thinking to use other CMS because there is no better solution for this case. Out of memory problem can only be solved by raising the memory_limit, The problem is how if I’m still using shared hosting? Actually this case already happen to me long time ago. When my site with worpdress CMS become bigger I notice wp-db.php error in hosting logs. Mostly all errors coming from out of memory. I have not found… Read More »PHP: How To Fix Mostly wp-db.php Out Of Memory