Google Pagerank

YAY!! Pagerank Update

Aw.. I love google he he.. Almost all my website pagerank have raised after update, I even not working to get backlink as usually people claimed it can raised their google pagerank. I just simply working as I like, the key is “Quality Versus Quantity“ Actually I’m not optimized all my website for pagerank I’m to busy manage and updated the content including optimize the SEO(not even looking for baclink I have no time) this pagerank update surprised me thank you for google! Result: Pagerank raised from 0 to 4 Pagerank raised from 0 to 3 Pagerank… Read More »YAY!! Pagerank Update

Google PENALTY PayPerPost and TLA Members PageRank

Just update today, one of my friend buzz me on Yahoo! Messenger and tell me google just update pagerank. There is HAPPY and SAD Story for some bloggers who joined paid per post program and other paid links. Google give penalty to PayPerPost members by reducing their pagerank going down. Another report from some of my friends… there is penalty also for TextLinkAds members other report their PR going down because SPAM link and NOT UPDATE their content. Basically if you want to get high pagerank you have to get backlink, the problem is not the QUANTITY but the QUALITY.… Read More »Google PENALTY PayPerPost and TLA Members PageRank

Google Pagerank Algorithm

Hi Everyone finally we’ll meet again.. I have free little time to write article on my blog 😀 , I’m little scared to publish this article to public…. NOPE I mean If this information accurate then google will change this pagerank algorithm in the future. Take a look on this table sheet: As you can read the table it very simple. Example: you want your new website jumping into pagerank 2 or 8 in next pagerank update you can try get 1 one way link from site with PR 10. I’m not really sure this data 100% accurate! that’s why… Read More »Google Pagerank Algorithm