Starting my domain/hosting resale business

MoOoOo~ “There is no time for fake Steven George case I was learn and grown now! continue my online business journal..“ I’m so optimist this resale business type will success.. everyday always there is domain order and for each domain they will need hosting. I decide to start this on next week or a next month. Funds and Media is ready, Actually I can start it now but have no time to focus on it so I choose to wait for a week or month to make a better marketing strategy. I hate false management. I have calculate it.. with… Read More »Starting my domain/hosting resale business

DreamHost: creative hosting solution

This is my 4th month using Dreamhost service and the result is I love Dreamhost! Dreamhost management are funny and really creative, professional but always bring their low profile not forget to sometimes write jokes on their email or blog. I love it! this is my first hosting that really make me interested. Today dreamhost make a false management on their billing and they send me an email with funny words ha ha.. I laughing on it but really I love how they take costumer attention I will not get anger when I know they make false and apologize for… Read More »DreamHost: creative hosting solution

PPP (Pay Per Play) New Online Earning Trends?

A week ago my friends invited me to try joined on PPP network to monetize my website, I was looking on there… Heck! I feel like I was on wrong place, I was reading on their FAQ but I fell something will false on there even they status still beta. The website look like unprofessional design, I was think what the benefit for those advertiser to pay publisher just for send sound ads to visitor.. what they return just for hearing some sound ads? Maybe… Trojan or Adware? I’m not sure.. Then I looking on their sample ads I was… Read More »PPP (Pay Per Play) New Online Earning Trends?

How To: Creating Custom Google Translate Tools

In this short article we will learn how to created an custom google translate tools. Google translate tools is free translate service provided by google. This tools really help people to translate some website/page to any language people want. Google translate tools standards is not really interesting in style *lol* So why we don’t created a simple good looking translate tools our own, but of course we have to credited google as this service provider? Alright let’s created it, I want everyone be creative as possible. First we have to know how translate tools format working. Example: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=en&tl=pl&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.istanto.net This is… Read More »How To: Creating Custom Google Translate Tools

UnderDogMedia Short Review

UnderDogMedia is CPM network that will monetize your traffic (US & Canada only), Here is my short review about them. First time using underdogmedia I was little surprised by see their CPM rate, with only 10 click and 2 action I earned around $1,26 anyway it just the beginning, when I think this networks fails to fill 100% my inventory I started to remove their script. After a month I’m waiting and analyze this network actually they giving me the lowest rate CPM. take a look on this sample rate picture: It’s not really bad if they can fill 100%… Read More »UnderDogMedia Short Review

PHP: Creating Custom Title and Meta (Simple Way)

In this article we will learn how to create custom title and meta description for each pages of you website. If you’re using WordPress or script that already have this standard SEO settings, all title and meta can be done setup in easy way. Anyway how if your website using your own design? I mean you designed it from zero! some of us didn’t notice if actually we are using global title and meta that was caused search engine didn’t give good result in return because all categorized as “duplicated“. *sample on false title and meta making my site poor… Read More »PHP: Creating Custom Title and Meta (Simple Way)