Simple Way To Protect Your Removable Device From Autorun Virus

If your computers has been infected by virus it’s usually will generate autorun.inf file on your removable device. In most case this file will created with attributes hidden and read-only. Removable device with high possibilities to infected and spreading the virus are flashdisks and memory cards. Sometimes when you’re using removable device on infected computers you will spread it to another computers without know what you’re doing.

In this very short tips & trick article I would like to give an simple and easy tips & trick to protect your removable device got infected and spreading the virus. Follow this simple step to secure your removable device:


  1. Save your data from removable device (backup it to clean computers).
  2. After you backup your data, you can format your removable device to make sure it will back to default condition.
  3. After format completed, open your removable drive and created folder with name “autorun.inf” (without quote) give it attributes hidden and read-only. Don’t created files because this day virus are smart, they can change files attributes without your permission.
  4. Copy back your backup data into your removable device.
  5. Done!

Very simple, but this technique will works to prevents virus created or modify autorun.inf files into your removable device, I GUARANTEE. This simple way will help you to make sure your removable device always in clean condition and safe to used into another computers.

Have a nice day 😀

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