Short Reviews: (Indonesian Network) VS Paypopup

Good news for Indonesian Publisher, is the best options today for Indonesian publisher to monetize their blog/website. Combination between CPM and CPC make this network can compete within international network. In this short reviews I will compared it with paypopup.

1. counting your pages impression, every country! their rate is Rp 1 for 1 pages impression. Said if you received 10,000 pages impression then your earnings should be around Rp. 10,000 it’s = $1 remember pages impressions not same with unique visitors so you could reach it very easy read on your awstats how much your pages impressions per month! (if you compared with underdog media they pay you just arround $0.02)

Biindit also combined with CPC, anyway their rate really to low said 1 click = $0.02 – $0.05 it’s to low but it helped by impression counting so I think this is the best options for now. (if you compared with adtoll their CPC rate is $0.01 per click)

Biindit ads will not annoying and harmed your visitors, it just like standard text ads and banner ads and not contains popup or virus.


Paypopup rate :

Geo Traffic, CPM rate
USA $1.80
United Kingdom $1.80
Canada $1.30
Australia $0.90
Austria,Denmark,France,Japan,Norway $0.50
Hong Kong,Taiwan $0.30
China $0.25
Others $0.35

This standard rate looks good but wait this is NOT page impressions, this is unique visitors counting! so think again before you gonna apply with them.

Paypopup not combined with CPC that’s mean how many click you got you will not get more money for that click, they just counting that unique visitors pop-up.

Some people reporting paypopup ads sometimes contains virus/trojan, I’m not sure about this issue but I do believe because they must be handle billion ads serve daily so they can’t control everything. Anyway you can contact them if you found any bad ads.

ist-biinditFrom this short reviews I think you can start calculate…… are better than anyway it’s deppend on your choose I will not forced you to used biindit, biindit server right now are in maintenance so they will not stable for next 2 weeks until new server up. I was talking with their enginer and they confirm biindit right now are in maintenance so better waiting in next 2 weeks then start using them.

I recommended you to join biindit and paypopup just don’t go for network pay to low! let’s remove networks pays to low and get a better network. Let them up the rate so it compete with other networks.

Have a nice day 😀

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