Securing my CyberCafe Computers

I really hate when people claimed using shared computers always not secure. To stop that words from spreading I do lot of software review and implemented it on my own cybercafe to attract people for use it.

1. I do reinstall all Windows XP home edition from zero (clean install) to make sure my windows on top performance I’m not doing any windows software update, I just updated the driver and security patch.


2. Buy deepfreeze standard edition from faronics company to help me keep my cybercafe computers keep clean from any virus, mallware, spyware or anything each time it reboot. That make me really bored on clean virus or spyware daily! after review deepfreeze with windows steady state I choose deepfreeze because it’s take more less memory resource.

3. Buy some accessories to make my computers more “beauty” this including optical mouse, mousepad gel, camac sound system, usb hub, etc I can’t write in here.


4. Standard software for each computer including : Microsoft Office XP & Open Office, Winamp, Remote admin, Gunbound, mIRC, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Internet Explorer and anything usefull I can’t write it in here.

5. I create databank to collecting all people data on server by creating and shared some disk space on server I can save money and people can still save their data because I freeze all client computers to make sure it keep on top performance.

6. I installed programs to cheking all data in and data out from each ethernet to internet and do little modification on windows hosts file to stop people from accessing “p**n” site I redirected into local web server with warning message.


7. The last thing is I do backup of each computer using Norton ghost to help me bring my windows back like new when there is a specific problem.

Now it’s done and time to coverting it. Traffic in last 7 days (I use indobilling to check statistic of visitor) after I change everything going up to 200-300% with daily income more than really enough to pay ISP connection and eletric bill. I save 70-150% from total profit 😀 geez I love my life he he he..

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