BCA Secured Credit Card, Your Credit Card Solution

This article is targeted for readers from Indonesia. People who have a credit card is very rare in Indonesia, most of them only use the ATM card and can not do transaction globally. Payments are often used today in any website is PayPal, it forces us to have a credit card.

We already know to have a credit card in here is very difficult and a lot of criteria that we should meet. Such as minimum income and proof of salary. What if you are a freelancer or student? required a credit card for business? to received payment? or buy something on Internet? The solution is a secured credit card.

Secured credit card is credit cards using a guarantee of funds in your bank accounts. It’s working like real credit card but for the payment bank taken it from your account and lock the fund you guarantee. Limit given for this credit card is based on the amount of the guaranteed funds you have. The amount of the pledged collateral or at leastÂ3 million IDR. Example if you guarantee 10 million IDR your card limit is 10 million IDR. More funds you guarantee more high limit you will have on your secured credit card.

Because this is real credit cards you have to pay the fees each month. You can get fees information when you apply this secured credit card. Make sure you are familiar with credit card before you are going to use it.


How to apply secured credit cards (Tested on BCA/Bank Central Asia) :

  1. Go to bank and said you want to create secured credit card using your bank account funds as guarantee.
  2. Tell bank how much funds you want to guarantee for limit (make sure you have available funds in your bank account, bank will lock it).
  3. Fill the form and give any document bank needed (usually bank just asking Nationality ID card for secured credit card).
  4. Wait 14 days, bank will call you back and verify any information (such as mother name, etc).
  5. In the next 10 days you will receive your secured credit card.
  6. Bank will lock your guarantee funds for security.

It’s very easy and guarantee 100% your application will get approved. You don’t have to worry about stupid documents because this is secured credit card. Bank will not try to reveal every information from you. As long you have the funds for guarantee bank will approved your application.

What is the benefit to have credit cards? You can get a discount, You can get installment payments, You can get insurance, You can buy anything you like or you need on Internet, You can received or sent payment instantly from any transaction globally, and many more!

But if you need only VCC for verification, my VCC Store always ready to serve. That’s share for today I wish everyone have a GREAT day 😀

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  1. Selamat siang pak ,pak saya mau Tanya saya kan punya credit card visa,sekarang sudah habis masa berlakunya Dan saya mau cairkan uang jaminan saya karena saya sudah tidak di hongkong lagi ,saya sudah berkali Kali menayakan ke cabang BCA tapi tetap tidak bisa,bagai man supaya jaminan saya itu bisa cair terima kasih atas jawabannya

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