ScalaHosting Review

After searching on hosting review I found out most people like scalahosting and recommended them as good hosting provider. I try using their hosting service with start plan, everything was fine until one day… The problem is still not coming after I add my domain on there. In next 24 hour scalahosting email me and tell me this site has reach limit they provided in their hosting service.

They asking me to upgrade but not using shared hosting I just can use VPS/DS for this site. I think it’s only marketing strategy. I believe once host company email and complain about abuse on their server I won’t use them anymore. Enough! I’m back to HostMonster again my lovely host provider and they not complaint to me after I add this site to my account.

In short review ScalaHosting is good hosting for small site, budget site, but not great for development site. Mp3zap only received around 300 unique visitors daily but scala claim script consume more than 10% cpu resource. I buy this script from someone and everything inside has decrypted using ioncube, I can’t do optimization. The good side for scalahosting, they not disable all my site instanlty but they waiting for my action in next 24 hours I really appreciate that.

So If you’re looking for great shared hosting I recommended HostMonster and HostGator, Arvixe also fine but not great but they still can be negotiated if there is problem. ScalaHosting, Hawkhost, JustHost is limited hosting, they won’t allow traffic site on their server.

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