Remove W32/ALMAN Virus

Computer virus again.. Today my Laptop and PC got infected by W32/ALMAN. All I can say this virus is smart and not easy to killed It’s cannot stopped by just view in background process, in services, and startup list. This virus will make 2 master source files on %SystemRoot%\System32 first wmdrtc32.dll (40 KB) and wmdrtc32.dl_ (26,5 KB) Once it active it will injected code to any executable files and infected it. If you got message box with message “There is no disk blabla” or you cannot run any executable files you should check on your system files about those 2 d**n files.

To clean infected files use this free W32/ALMAN remover from grisoft. Download this booth files and save in one folder rmalman.exe rmalman.nt run rmalman.exe and follow instruction on there. Anyway I’m not guarantee this remover will make your computer totally clean from this virus.

In my case this remover not clean my computer totally from this virus, it keep generate .dll files again and again I do scan with ANSAV, AVG and rmalman.exe but there is nothing can help me out. I was so frustrated because much of important data in my laptop should be safe. After searching in google I found out we can check and bring back Windows genuine file by using command sfc (Windows System File Checker) so I test it run “sfc /scannow” from command prompt. It’s WORKS this virus stopped infected my computer now! Yay! 😀

You lost your windows CD or you install your windows from your Hard disk? you can run sfc command without CD by following this tricks.. Run regedit and find..


Change Value Data and point it into your i386 folder! example: the structure is D:\blabla\i386 then you should change Value Data to D:\blabla

Run “sfc /scannow” It should work if you set right Value Data on registry!

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9 thoughts on “Remove W32/ALMAN Virus”

  1. after the computer cleaned from the virus, can we restored our files that’s been infected? for example i have a lot of *.doc and *.xls files that turn out to be *.exe by the virus how can i restored all those files? thx for sharing your information. salam kenal..

  2. Try to using a new updated antivirus, mostly can repair it. If not last option is using document repaired (morphic software) you have to give virus sample to him for analyzed before using this option.

  3. Sorry rmalman.exe(old) has been infected (siteadvisor scan). Today I have re-upload clean rmalman.exe and checked it’s free from virus. To make sure please scan all files you downloaded from my blog to verify it’s free from virus/trojan.

  4. WTH! rmalman.exe has been detected as virus by AVIRA, I give download link from AVG Website but AVIRA also detect it also as virus! I have no idea…


    Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a material! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this web page.

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