Remove Most mIRC Spam

Your mIRC client sending spam messages without your permission? STOP IT!Spam Cartoon

This day spam used as business for some bad people on internet they called the dark side of internet. Spam is business? how can I say that…

Spam was targeting on some newbie, the reason behind it simple just for MONEY or VIRUS SPREADING we should fight back and stop this spam.

My Topic this time is the remover for the most mIRC client spam, it’s free no need to pay!

Spam remover

Guide how to use it:

  • After you download it you should put it in the root of your IRC client folder. Example: Your path to IRC client is on c:\program files\mIRC put that files on there.
  • Once the files on there it should be loaded by typing //!load -rsn spamrem.zvk
  • Once you typed the above command, a confirmation dialog will pop-up, click on YES or ACCEPT or CONTINUE.
  • The script will execute itself. Then, it will detect, remove, and disinfect any (common) traces that the spam infection left in your mIRC Client.

Now your mIRC client is clean from auto spam messages.

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