Proposal to create adsense alternative network

After a few day’s looking for monetize my traffic site I look on some great network I even seen before, specially for CPM network out there they rate are variate and better than adsense eCPM.

Some of them are local network which started around 1 years ago, Happy to see they are growing in this local market.

Last week I contacting my partner in bandung to submitted my proposal to his company about creating new ad network, seems like he’s interesting and start calculate everything lol 😛 and finally… he’s approved it hahaha..

We will start this project as soon as possible, this project will backup by some investor for next 3 years after that if we fails then this is over lol *again*

First we will targeting advertiser around Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, and Australia because this is our local market we understand what they want and what they need, google have to stop controling us!! it’s not impossible we will open for every country once we have good performance. everything started from dream in last years ago….. who say dream would not become true? ^_^

With adbrite clone script and dedicated server we can start this soon, I’m asking for outsource network out there to working together with us we can stop this ugly giants one day. Without people supporting them they will break and collapse 😛

If you’re interesting to become our investor for next 2 years you can contact me and I will send your proposal about our planning and target. Well.. basicly we can cover this all funds for starting but we always open if someone would become our investor.

* I will not reply to all income mail, I will choose a few.

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