Procedure to:Cashing your Adsense Cheque in Local Bank

Where to cashing your Adsense cheque? Almost every Bank can do this, Just remember there is different fees on each bank depend on their procedure. For Indonesian people I recommended you to going on BRI in case if there is not issued bank available near your location. BRI can low the fees and they not asking to much requirement for doing this.

Procedure :



Prepare your BRI bank account, then asking on teller you need to cashing this cheque, Usually teller will tell you for waiting a minute and if it approved you will meeting with devisa people. Then they will give you inkaso form, you need to copy your adsense cheque 3x, bank account book 1x, KTP 3x. After you pay the inkaso form just waiting 30-45 days and it will credited to your BRI bank account.


But remember each bank and in each location are different each other, You have to asking first their procedure, if you think to much fees I recomended you to going on other bank. Like in my case they not accepted cheque more than 70 day’s old. In other bank they tell I need to wait 3 month then can cashing my cheque. Just remember they are different and you have to asking first.

I hope google adsense fast on adopted WU payment for each publisher so we can get our earnings fast and simple.

Fees only 50.000 IDR for inkaso form then you have to wait 30-45 days. Here is one inkaso form sample.


Happy earn money people! 🙂

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