Parked domain, get paid! how?

domain parking ilustration parked domain and get paid, how it can be? basically it’s back again on one billion dollar business, “Advertising” Yes, you get paid when there is someone clicking ads on your parked domain. The success key on this dog business is dog traffic.

Some of my dog friends using dog method and make internet become trashy place.

Classic method maybe similar like this… those domain planned to be parked will have content for 6-12 month to get it indexed on major search engine, once the domain owner feel enough he will started parked that dog domain. The new method more strength and useful.. domain owner will advertising to get traffic but of course they target is profit, so? publisher will lose their earning because this dog advertiser. Another method is that domain planned to be parked will have similar name with success domain name like… or.. or.. etc.

Make it simple, example: let say I want to parked domain, I advertising on PPC and make rate price per click as low as possible so I still can reach that profit. Smart advertiser know how he can advertising on google adsense or any place to advertising and pay $0.01 per click. Again.. this dog advertiser make publisher lose everything. google adsense or any network ads should take seriously on this dog advertiser it will make less publisher available if they can’t control this dog advertiser.

I have asking one of my friends who have success doing this dog business, I asking are he profitable every day, month, year and the answer is YES wow he’s income stable and always profit so I think he will continue doing this dog business until there is new rules out.

You really want to know how much this dog advertiser earn? see on this dog earning reports..

domain parking earning screenshot
Where is the place that will pay you for parking domain? here I have 3 list available.. maybe not enough.. if you want to make it complete just send me messages for domain parked list and I will add it into this list.

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  1. I really appreciate the article, so many people are getting ripped off using traditional parking systems. I have switched to and its saved me tonnes of time and money. I don’t have to waste any of them anymore because they have a community which helps me make great choices to make the most out of my sites!

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