Paid To Click: Can we get rich?

The answer for the question title is everything possible. Owwh… come on people.. I’m not joking this time, we can get rich just from paid to click sites who’s usually give us payback around $0.01 to $0.10 per click.

How we can get rich by cents, the answer is the more cent it will become dollar. Basically the pyramid scheme always make man in the top as the money artist.

Pyramid Scheme

Almost all paid to click sites use this pyramid scheme BUT the question “is it easy to get referrals?” NO! it’s not easy, You should have marketing skill to get referrals. The easiest way to get it by refer your friends. And next questions will be … how much your friends will joined you as your referrals? how much your friend available? bla bla bla..

So now you have the key, the answer now will you use that key? heh! how much money you can spend to buy referrals? =p

There is website can help you to get referrals but you should pay for it. Sample on it… BUYREFS and there is many other similar website that you can used to buy referrals. Now your last job is calculate is it profitable or unprofitable.

Take a look on this illustration earnings images stats
Note: This is just Illustration, not my real stats =p

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