Pagerank Update?

Who care? All my site has been hit downÂto pagerankÂ0 but I doesn’t care, really?! who care about my pagerank? google do care? people care? that small robot even don’t know how to choose good and bad site quality content. This is my site, I have full rights to write and put everything I want.. without get intimidate by anyone!

Who care? I’m quit!


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5 thoughts on “Pagerank Update?”

  1. yeah, i got smack by google this time, i really angry now, that one of my task on blogsvertise has been rejected by advertiser. i think i should quit from this paid review and backlinks. google doesn’t have any commitment, they update the page rank every month, not every three months anymore. i think i better learn about affiliate and adsense again.

  2. Sad but true, I think google started to be j*** company. Look at many site owner they has complaint pagerank down even they not sale link, alogarithm change? better silent if we have new site and not tell anyone.

  3. Same here! 2 of my blogs has dropped to zero. but yeah just like you, “who cares?” i’m totally agree with’s our own site we can put whatever we want…

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