SEO:Play with Meta,Dynamic Meta on Static Header

Well.. good morning everyone 😛 , I’m interesting to write this article after reading some article on cosaaranda blog about meta tag to optimize SEO score. The reality we face now almost people or webmaster forgot about meta ( included me sometimes he he he 😛 )  so let me write about my own experience with meta to help some people optimize their web/blog. Basically meta used for robot/crawler to get information from your web/blog, But be careful when you write irrelevant meta tag your site might will crawled in wrong way and result  might will false. 1. Meta Description:… Read More »SEO:Play with Meta,Dynamic Meta on Static Header

Repair:Antivirus XP 2008, CNN fake message, get_flash_update.exe, Spam & Fake blue screen of death(BSOD)

Not all antivirus program this day will help you eliminate your virus problem, In this case antivirus XP 2008 is spyware which try to make your computer as spam zombie.  This case make a strong people opinion on corporation between virus maker and antivirus maker(bad joke) *LOL* Be careful when you open email from someone you don’t know, specially from Daily Top 10 with subject Daily Top 10 this email will asking you to update your flash player but actually that file is virus. If you downloaded and run this files it will making virus master and downloaded files from internet automatically then run… Read More »Repair:Antivirus XP 2008, CNN fake message, get_flash_update.exe, Spam & Fake blue screen of death(BSOD)

TUTOR:Fastest & simple way to move your website

How to move your site from one host to another host with easy and fast? It might easy if you have a little site you can simply backup those all files and upload it into your new host. The real situation today is how to move your BIG site fast and of course always free. This is happen to me in last 2 days ago when I moving all off my website from dreamhost to hostmonster I working in front of my computer around 3-5 hours to complete it *lol* it’s really fast!? I moving looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of site from other… Read More »TUTOR:Fastest & simple way to move your website

HOW TO:Get flooded traffic daily and raise your pagerank.

This is my simple explanation on how to get flooded traffic and raise your pagerank in short time. If you disagree with this method then stop reading and give me more technique how to get it 🙂 Your site got no Traffic? then try this simple tricks to get it. People around the world using Internet are usually using search engine to get information on what they need. The 2 most powerful Search engine are google and yahoo. There is other search engine but in my opinion this 2 search engine are the champion of search engine so we have… Read More »HOW TO:Get flooded traffic daily and raise your pagerank.

It’s over $9K!!

Yep, and that the great story for share today. After calculating this month income from internet I made profit over $9.000 on this month ^^ More than enough to compare with working on real job in here. My biggest income come from advertising business as I said I not only using google adsense and CPC network only ohhhh…… peopleeeeee…. I actually managed lot of websites teheeeee…. I will not tell you guys the URL for my privacy 😀 So… my next month target will be $10k-$15k after than income established I will keep grown and grown *wooooooooooooooopz* I love this world!

I Need Cheap Domain Name Resale!

Hello everyone, Yay! finally my new hosting server is up and running I love the unlimited  feature make me can offer better space and bandwith with cheap price for everyone.. once it ready to open for public I will tell you guys the URL for international market… Right now I really need information about cheap domain resale please inform me about this, I was looking on google and not found one that sell domain service cheap and legal. Whats good if I offer cheap hosting but my domain service it to high people will leave it LOL… please inform me about cheap domain resale..… Read More »I Need Cheap Domain Name Resale!

Stupid story after 3 days starting my hosting business

LOL! I can’t stop laugh today.. This is special story today that really make me laugh ha ha ha.. I was telling this story to all my friend, my family.. most of them laugh and smile because this is first time there is someone doing business like this 😀 Alright here the story, I try to starting resale hosting space.  So I need an media to show my product to people in hostmambo, Because I need to complete that website fast as soon as possible(another project waiting me) I was looking on some hosting website and look on what they… Read More »Stupid story after 3 days starting my hosting business