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I just want to share my story today with you all my readers, I just bought new domain name and hosting on crayonhost. After searching and choose relevant name for more than 1 hours I choose name why vidzmotion? actually I try to get domain name,,, but someone already register it before me…. j**k!!! 😀

Why Crayonhost? When I do searching for hosting that support for ffmpeg only crayonhost can give the best price and service (uptime guarantee). I’m not try to promote them.. this is just my opinion don’t take it to much seriously. The guys (CEO) of crayonhost is not to far away from and familiar with my country, Indonesia. And he’s understanding about what Indonesian people needed, that’s why I choose him.

No problem until now, I will try to optimize this domain popularity.. If you guys have time to look on my new video site (not done yet right now.. maybe 2-3 days later or more) and interesting, please register on there because I will pay you some $$ just for uploading your video to my site as long it’s not p**n content I promise will share my revenue with you all.

End of story today… I’m tired working on my site he he he.. going to sleep……. 😀

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9 thoughts on “My Video Site”

  1. I believe it to be, must have happened in spite of the bounty, everywhere to borrow money, and everybody tells them that they

  2. Guys you are not alone believe me. I’m absolutely agree with you. It doesn’t matter what other people would say just trust me. I know for sure that it’s about real events.

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