My Hope For 2008

New hope for 2008?

After a day’s I was thinking about maximize my earnings from online business. today I tried something different from my old activity I try to make online store. but I have problems in here, I don’t have enough product to sale so I choosing to try amazon associate first.

After 2 days I try to contact someone who register domain before me and it’s false, the owner not response me back. My hope is gone for making amazon associates targeting on Indonesian potential costumer. NO this is my target and my dreams for 2008 so I keep make online store but in other domain name. My first try for sale is on Ahuuy Store if it success I will buy another domain name and of course setting it to the maximum.

With 10% bonus from every amazon item sale I think it’s fair enough, if the item price $300 then I got $30 mmmmm…. not so bad! I just have to thinking about attract people to visit my site and hope they will purchase something on there traffic and SEO technique will be used again today. Combine this associate model and earnings from publisher I hope at least I made $1.000.00 a month to pay all my bill and save some into my bank account! hehe..

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