My Crazy PlaN

idiotEvery time I’m boring I always got new idea.. Today, I dreaming on my idea “making my own ads agency” LOL 😀 I’m not joking this time people he he.. I was thinking on how much profit I would make from this business opportunity. After talking with my father for FUNDS he was laughing on me… I’m not sure I will make profit for first years… Blah! Are You Crazy?

Fine, no one supported me for funds I will earn it myself 😀 ha ha.. of course it will be my Crazy plan I’m bored just get little percentage as publisher. I was searching on google and found AdQuick This one might will be my choice option for ads script, simple but working!

Percentage? hmm… 85:15 will be fine for me as long I have lot of ready advertiser this might will be easy going… 100,000×15%=15,000 it was not so bad! I can cover all the server cost on it plus I can grown the network and maybe recruit people to work for me 😀

Well, I can’t tell you all my crazy plan.. you will steal it from me 😛 let’s hope this crazy plan will be come true in short time!

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