My Canon PowerShot a460

I just purchase this digital camera from sentradigital online store yesterday. After 2 days searching in local store in Malang town square I just see high price label on it. Sick, why people always looking for profit ha ha ha 😀 .. After searching on google I found the cheapest price is on sentradigital I look on their site and found one of my old friends are support on there so I don’t scare to buy something from there.

After transfer I’m waiting 24 hours (more) the package come to my house I open it..

Canon PowerShot a460

Yay! Finally here is my digital camera, Actually I don’t really need this item but after talking with Francis Alvin Tan (my Friend) yesterday, we both like to exchange picture to make our art site content RICH, Francis take picture from he’s country and I take picture from my country. That’s actually the main reason I purchase this item he he poor me.. After test this camera the result is great I love this camera! 😀

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