Monetize your video site with InVideo

Having video site? need to monetize it without using other format but your content format! with InVideo this can be possible.

InVideo is AdBrite product beside that BritePic, This system can be used to monetized all your video site content. I was looking on the way to generated new InVideo code without need to add video again and again but I got no luck and still learn on it.

InVideo pay average 20-30 cents it’s also embedded AdBrite code on video content so it’s really take HIGH eyes catching for user to look on it. Again I’m not lucky to get this InVideo working on free PHPMotion system This might will be my next homework… *SAD*

Beside this InVideo format you might like to using other ads network like adtoll they have video ads also Adsense have video format too but it’s rarely.

If you have any comment or like to discuss how to generate InVideo code without add video fell free to speak about it in comment or you can simply contact me.

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