Maximize Your Website Potential Earnings Through BritePic

Do you have photos or wallpaper site or any site loaded with pictures on it? Think about maximize your potential earnings under ALL your picture content. It’s not the First target but it might can make you maximize your potential earnings. Let me introduce you BritePic.

BritePic official site can be found in here basically BritePic can be used to make your images more live and Interactive, but beside that there is potential money we have to look on it seriously. I personally already know about BritePic around 8 months ago, its under adbrite network. But today I started to looking on their opportunity to maximize my wallpapers website earnings. Why? Adsense and Adtoll performance result is BAD on my wallpapers site.. almost them give me earnings to low.

Installing BritePic code is not really hard, If you set it manually it might take to much time but if you run it on dynamic site everything can be done easy. Basically you just need to change some input to make BritePic works on your site.

<script src=’’>
<img src=”“>

You just need your URL of pictures and your BritePic ID and you’re DONE, ready to earn some money.

TIPS: For anyone used 4images gallery you just need to change the code in file “” change it with your own data… I give my sample code in here please change anything you need :

<script src=””></script>
<noscript><img src=”{media_src}”></noscript>

I already used BritePic on my wallpaper site you can see on there how my wallpapers and photos collection looking cool and I earn more revenue for that 😀 he he he let see how it’s performance…

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