Review, how many of you all already known about this site? If you not mind let me write a short review for this site. slogan is “Matching Advertiser With Publisher” as they slogan said they will advertising ads matching with your site content. Example: you have insurance site they will advertise insurance ads. almost works totally same with betterthanbanners. Basically you just need to put banner ads on your site and you get paid fixed price each month. No matter how much people click or ignore it, how big your site, how much visitor you got each day, how popular your website, what is your google pagerank, what is your alexa rank bla bla bla..

First time you joined you will get 5 bonus after that for each ads you will get paid 3 per month. They also offer affiliate for each new publisher you refer they will pay you 5 . Payment will start once the ad has been live for a full month. You can add up to 5 pages per domain. Payment options is paypal and bank transfer (UK only). Are this safe with adsense? definitely YES this ads can be put together with adsense.

So if I not wrong to get what says for 1 domain and if we have 5 pages ads we will earn 3*5 = 15 each month per domain if we have 5 domain it will be 15×5 = 75 converted it into USD 75 = $118,71 phew… it’s good money just for put banner right? Need to converting to your own currency? do it yourself!

More frequently ask question can be found in here good luck people 😀

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