Making Easy Money From Android Application

Good Night everyone, In this short articles I will write my strategy to making easy money from native android application. As we know android is now used by 85% smartphone population (I don’t know from where this data coming from LOL). That mean we can targeting people interest using android application. There is many 3rd tools out there we can used to create android application some are free and some are paid license. The key to get the most people attention is your application content, not the tools you’ve used to built your application. We will not talking about how to make android application but the strategy to get the maximum revenue from android cake *yuuuuuuuumm*


Next step is find the best mobile ad network. Mostly, every mobile ad network will pay average CPM (cost per thousand impression) for $0.01 some maybe more.. If in this world there is smartphone then we can calculate our potential revenue. Says 85%* = 850.000.000 take bad percentage 1% from 850.000.000 then we got 1%*850.000.000 = 8.500.000 if an average CPM is $0.01 then our potential from 1% android users are $85.000,0 per views, goddammit!

It looks easy but how we can reach this target? the important thing is creativeness. When you work at your daily job actually you are losing your creativeness because your daily routine are bored (actually). The key is to keep it simple and stupid, relax, laugh everyday, don’t worry about anything, just keep smiling ha ha ha.. Mostly (not at all) popular android application are started from something we never think before. Example: Just for fun, Be happy, I don’t care, For my mom, Etc. Make something which people never imagine before, then your truth potential might discovered.

Why many fails? Because they only made something and asking for payback, believe me you will not get something if you follow that rules. Why stop when we can made something useful for other people, having free time? why not waste it for something.. even if it’s not perfect at start that’s not a big problem. Just keep trying and trying.. one day you will know and you can analyzed which content people like and dislike.

Remember not everyone can make a good start. The progress is your earnings. Once you get this THING you don’t need a job anymore (maybe? LOL) why? because advertising business is never die. Maybe in 70’s people used radio to advertising, In 80’s people used TV, in 2000 people use internet, and today people using their smartphone. Look, when nowadays people are meeting… they’re all busy with their gadget, believe me when they are busy you made money while sleeping or in beach enjoying coffee he he he..

That’s it, Have a nice day!

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