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Hi all, Sorry for not blogging over a month on this blog, I’ve been busy and sometimes really lazy to write hehehe. Now I’m back and ready for blogging again 😀 this time we will learn possibilities to earn maximum revenue from Lijit. Make money with Lijit is very easy, the hard way is when you try to joined their Ad network.

Mostly all my blog/website used “Bahasa Indonesia” language has been declined, they also declined this blog with same reason, Non-English language (maybe they want primary language English, I asking for my Indonesian visitors please, if you want to asking using Bahasa Indonesia visit my Bahasa Indonesia blog on Anyway I already have another account with them and get some website approved.

There is 2 way you can follow to generate revenue from Lijit. First by put their Wijits search, when someone searching on your site/blog ads will appear, when searcher interesting on that ads then click it, you make money 🙂 Second method is using traditional ad format. In wijit they only offer 5 ad dimensions. This ad earning are combination of CPC and CPM if you have a good traffic site/blog Lijit should make a good money for you. Take a look on this sample earnings I got from my friend.

You can see on that pictures with impression around 6k without ANY click lijit give share around $4 if there any click on this stats I think it will be higher. I never seen any ad network giving CPM earning higher than this (with clean ad), this rate superb! even google adsense has nothing to this result if you compared with this CPM rate.


I know you’re interesting! don’t be shy.. let’s get started:

  1. Register on Lijit Website.
  2. Once you registered, add your blog/website.
  3. Click on “Wijits” tab.
  4. If you just want to generate revenue using search, just configure your search box and then put this code on your website/blog.
  5. If you want to generate revenue basis on CPC and CPM click on “Ad Wijit” (You have to wait until Lijit give notification they accept you or not).
  6. Register on Ad wijit and then waiting for result, once you get approved you can start choose ad dimension and then put the code on your website/blog.
  7. Sit back and relax, Analise your performance, Enjoy your money 😀

Good luck 😀

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9 thoughts on “Make Money With Lijit”

  1. Third Way: Ask Lijit what THEY make from reselling your blog content, and what % of this Profit YOU get. Then you can really relax, knowing your treated as a partner.

    Thanks for this post,

    Publishers Union of Bloggers (P.U.B.)

  2. Wow, it’s pretty rare to see someone put things into perspective the way you just did. I wish that other bloggers and people that post content to the web would take a page from your book! Do you have any other sites that I could visit or could you possibly make a recommendation as to where I might be able to find some more information? Either way, thanks for an excellent resource and I look forward to being a repeat reader!

  3. Hi, I recently started a bloghosting platform (based on wordpress MU) and when I stumbled your blog I paid attention to your theme (looking good) so I was wondering can you tell me is it custom made theme or one of those free ones? thanks in advance! regards, blogiskewl

  4. Carrol Le Slots MD

    You are a very talented blogger, and I absolutely enjoy reading your posts.

    NOTE: Sorry, No GAMBLING and CASINO related link.

  5. I thought Lijit was only offer CPM ads. I have registered my blog with them and remove the code before they reviewing my site. I only wish to use CPC ads. Lijit approve my application but I didn’t wish to use their CPM ads services. Is it true Lijit also offer CPC ads?
    I have asked this same question to their staff too.

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