Make Money With Google Custom Search

Google adsense for search has been improved! for better result. Explanation about how it works basically just like code for search box and code for result box. By default minimum width for result box is 800 pixel so if you want to make result box fit in your website/blog you should have bigger frame area more than 800 pixel. Explanation about the result box is working like a frame.

It’s more better in search result because we can show the search result within our site page so we don’t loose more any visitor, when it open in new window or open in same window we lost our navigation site, The new version looks more professional and not annoyed anyone, useful! efficient! How to implemented it in your website/blog? Very simple if you familiar with html/php coding.

First you set everything on your google adsense account. Then you make an page for the search result in your website/blog. Google will giving you 2 code, the first code is for search box and the second code is for result box. Basically search box code should be showing in your frontpage! where? usually in the top right of your frontpage people love to using .. it 😀 and the result box? try at least to coding it in the middle of your page it’s easy to modify in php site by just including header and footer so in the middle we put this result box code.

When I tested using it, there is no change actually it’s almost same like the older one. We just have more control for search result in color, style and we can only show the result from our favorite site only. The good news is google will embed their ads on that search result page so we can earn some revenue *i love money* he he 😀

Here is sample site I already implemented this custom search. More will implemented very soon..

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