Make Money: Strategy To Earn Money In Neobux With Guarantee Result

Hi Everyone, In the past articles I promised to share some of my strategy for my neobux direct referrals and here is the one. This strategy need money to start but it not very big and I believe everyone can accept it. As we already know the key to earn more money in neobux is referrals. The problem is rented referrals sucks and it’s may costly more than money we earn back.

In this strategy we will using referrals but not rented referrals, it’s direct referrals which there is no cost to earn from them. You may have problem to get real referrals, so I will teach you how to get them. As we already know there is some PTS (paid to sign up) site which promised to send us a guaranteed sign up.

We can use this PTS to promote our link to get direct referrals. Of course we need to calculate everything first so we will not loss any cent. Example: 4 ads daily from 1 direct referrals will make us earn $0,04 daily. If they click 4 ads daily for 4 (fourth) days we will earn $0,04×4=$0,16 Take a deep breath here is the key… You pay them $0,10 for sign-up and active for 4(fourth) day so you will get profit $0,16-$0,10=$0.06


$0,06 sounds to small but how if we buy 1,000 direct referrals 1,000x$0,06 = $60… So you will earn $60 in only 4 (fourth) days. If in a month you will earn 30/4x$60 = $450 a month! more direct referrals you buy more money for you! Remember you will not loss anything using this strategy because you don’t have to pay them if they just signup and not click at least 16 ads for you.

Simple as you think 😀 The hardest job for you is to find legit and cheap PTS site to promoting your offers. People love free stuff, I believe they will take your offers as long both of you earn money. This strategy also will work on paid offers, example you promote paid hosting, you can use PTS to get people to sign-up and buy the product but your shares to them should less than commission that you will get per-sales.

Better if we get 30% shares more than we got nothing. Internet is a big place and there is such a big opportunity. Poor people can be rich on Internet if he know the formula, We need to think smart.

That’s share for today, have a nice day everyone 😀

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4 thoughts on “Make Money: Strategy To Earn Money In Neobux With Guarantee Result”

  1. good morning! Sharecash use to be good in the past but all my friends are switching to bee4biz. They pay much more and you can withdraw any time you want without having to wait for a month. Also, you can just protect existing links so there is hardly any uploading involved. I started earning at least 150% more after switching to bee4biz. take it easy! PS: your page is loading little slow this morning

  2. Yep, I can confirm that PTSU and cashback offers are a nice way to get direct referrals. You just have to get your numbers right to not make a loss.

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