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You may already know about but if not then this short articles may be useful. Fiverr concept idea are genuine and simple, they want to make a place where people can hire people to help completed their own project. In other side this place also can be a good place for you to make money by offer your skills. Actually you may find everything strange on there… but hey people! It’s actually funny 😀 sometimes I like some crazy offers like they will sing a happy birthday song to anyone you want for $5! or they will be your girlfriend for a weeks (on facebook) just for make other people jealous.. ha ha..

Everything on fiverr is only for $5! you may not find a great offer like this on other place srsly.. It’s really fun place, but not everything are fun offer. Sometimes you will found serious offer like someone will design your company logo or created an custom theme for your website/blog or they will promoting your business, SEO report, etc. Everything on there for only $5! I really like this site concept.

If you’re looking for help from someone to complete your project you can browse on there and looking for some offer may fits you need. This is also a good place to make money, Yeah I’m seriously… You may offer your service/skill on there… like you will help them move their website to other hosting, or you will design their company logo, or you may have a good looking face? try to offer something crazy on there like you will make your clown face, or you may convert something to blablabla.. It’s just great place to start.


To make money on fiverr is very simple. Just give some unique offer, people will buy it if there is no one competent in the world, LOL. Example you will convert PDF to DOC for $5, It’s look like a simple offer but people who don’t know how to do this they may use your service. For each costumer you get $5!, for 200 costumers you get $100! more costumers mean you get mooooooooooreee money… 😀

This is a good place for student or freelance to start offer their skills. The reason I write fiverr on this blog because I really like their site concept, it’s just brilliant for me, I also like a fun place like this. In other side I already use some strange service on there like I want them sing a happy birthday song to my friend, the result is great so you may want to try them LOL.

This is the end for short reviews about, I need back to work.. I wish everyone have a good day 😀

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