Make Money: Monetize Your Exit Traffic

Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!This is the another way how to make money through your search engine traffic, In this subject it will focused on your exit traffic. What is exit traffic? Example: Someone searched from search engine and search engine give result referred to your web pages, visitors click on search engine result that directed to your web pages but maybe for some reason like not match on information they’re looking for, they clicked back button. At this time your exit traffic will be monetize.

This might not will become your primary income, but this way will help you maximize all search engine traffic you got. Remember get traffic is not so easy, there is lot factor and condition. You should get something reward for your hard work. In every traffic is money, people like it or not that traffic keeps generated money for your hard works.

Every country and every search engine means 100% filled ads! yes that the good point why I recommended publisher to joined they have no restriction for traffic by country, demography, etc.. you earn 100% on all your exit traffic! anyway take a look on terms first before you doing something wrong.

Please take a look on this simple explanation how exitjunction works:

1. People search on google search engine.


2. People look on your article.


3. For some reason maybe your article was not give detailed information on what people searching for, people click back button. At this time you generated money 🙂


Is that simple? yes, very simple. That’s the way you generated cash for exit traffic, you’re not only earn money from ad banners in CPM, or text ad, link, popup ad, bla bla bla.. this exit traffic also can be monetized through

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13 thoughts on “Make Money: Monetize Your Exit Traffic”

  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  2. Istanto: I am creating a blog for the life of the blogger and I would like to include you there. Is that fine with you?

    Please see my new blog at i have just create this blog last night.

  3. hi
    m having a issue of installing exitjunction code in wordpress
    jus wondering whereactually do we need to install the code in header php
    iwill appreciate your response

  4. ExitJunction only pays for the traffic that exits your site coming to your site from a search engine result.

    Regular visits dont trigger anything.

    Anyone know of a place that pays on ALL exit traffic?

  5. I’d also like to know where exactly in the WordPress header.php file that we install the Exit Junction code? They don’t appear to mention this on their website unfortunately.

  6. In my opinion exit traffic monetization will be an opportunity to increase your ROI . You must prepare offers that are relevant to your visitor and are seemingly to generate interest. Some visitors is also annoyed by exit offers pop-ups. The challenge is to settle on right offer if you want monetize traffic

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