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In the past article, I write about how to monetize your images website using britepic. Yesterday my friend email me and share this good information, now we can monetize our images on blog/website using “ImageSpaceMedia” technology.

I would say ImageSpaceMedia ads better in looks and earnings, in BritePic cost per click around $0.01 to $0.10 in ImageSpaceMedia cost per click is fix $0.10 per click, it’s also has good look on ads viewed, look at this sample…


I Like this ads, it’s look almost same with youtube video ads, I’m sure your CTR through this image ads will be very high. It wont affect your blog/website, just register on ImageSpaceMedia once approved you can login and copy a small javascript code and put it into your blog/website, relax and see how it performance. I recommended to use ImageSpaceMedia on wallpapers/photo website for high CTR, but you can use in your blog also.

The key to get ads on your images is description some people usually to lazy write about images description even it sometimes important for search engine. In wordpress and 4images you can write this description using a forms. If you need help on costumize this scripts on 4images you can contact me, I would install this ads on my wallpapers site.

Minimum payout is $25, payment can be done through mail, paypal or wire transfer. Good luck on your money making journey 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Make Money From Your Images With”

  1. I am genuinely impressed with the general content of your blog. It is easy to determine that you are fervent about your writing. If I had your writing ability, I know I would be successful. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to more updates.

  2. Small Business owners are largely forgotten. Thats why I only focus on them. I have experience several members of my family file bankruptcy due to small business failures. I also I suffered through 2 destroyed businesses due to failure however, in my failings I have learned some of the secrets to success. (Who can say they know it all?)
    What I like about small business owners is that they are not afraid to take huge risks and lay it all on the line. But, I agree they do need a lot of help with their marketing. I think having them go the social media and email route is not only the least expensive but its also the most effective. Thanks for the stats!

  3. Payah earningnya bro. Punyaku 3 hari dapet impression 13ribuan, klik 400an earningnya cuma $7.36.
    Adalagi gak solusi untuk monetize image?

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  5. Dammit!
    I just typed a whole long message, and when I hit the submit button my browser did something really weird.
    Did it come though or do I need to retype the whole thing?

  6. hey,just observed your web-site when i google something and wonder what hosting do you use for your blog,the speed is more faster than my wordpress, i really need it.will back to check it out,thanks!

  7. Hi,
    I use a simply tool to earn money.
    If you are a photographer and have an adsense account, is great. After login upload your photos,
    go to “Apply Adsense” and put your adsense ID.
    Then, just share the photo links and earn..

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