Make Money by Lend Others People Loan

Do you have a lot of money? You want to grown your money without risk or only accept a low risk? where did you invest your money? on bank? did you know how bank’s managed your money? bank interest rates suck in short and long terms? Well.. That’s a good question to start this article.

If you have lot of money and you want your money grown without need you to work, there is only 2 options available.

  1. Invest your money in property, business, etc.
  2. Deposit your money on bank and earn interest rate.

The problem is sometimes you may face risk to loss your money if you invest your money in private way (this way is not recommended unless you know the risk and person). With a good management you could survive and rewarded (more money for you). Bank is always secure as usual, but their interest rate this day actually to low, How you can call that “interest rate” if actually it’s not really “interesting”? 🙂 If you want to set your own rate without needed to worry about your money you should this, zopa.


What is zopa? zopa is a safe place where people meet to lend and borrow money. This is a good website idea, by lend your money you could help others people to grown their business. In other side, you actually also make money for yourself, this is really perfect idea! Basically this is a “win-win” solution for both side. Errmm.. not really, 3 side win in here I forget zopa *lol* 😛

By lending in zopa you’re actually do a smart investment. Why? the reason is simple. People without money and plan to borrow money usually will using and managed that money with excellent way. Mostly 99% will run their business with serious because you know they have to pay back that money to you including fees. It’s not really bad as lender, if you’re just want to help people you can set your rate low.

After reviewing zopa I believe this is a good source website. Their management and strategy could help everyone to grown. Please remember of course everything has risk, it’s also applied for zopa.

If you’re not sure your money safe (lender) zopa give options to start your lend with only 50 euro. This money will spreaded, it wouldn’t spend to one person only (brilliant idea). We all know the risk, sometimes people do success to pay their loan but sometimes they don’t. In zopa I see they’re smart enough to manage your money and you will only faced a low risk, I recommended this site for everyone.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. Cathleen Schouviller

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the informative post! Do you post every week? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. if you are from UK, you have now have option, newly launched peer to peer lending site offering no fee on borrowing and lending ….

  3. Thank you, I have recently been searching for info about this subject for a long time and yours is
    the best I’ve discovered till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you certain about the source?

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