I hate this adsense check

LOL! I was joking 😀 I love this adsense check *muah* he he.. This package come to my house yesterday, my dad receipt it because I out to computer store looking for accessories to upgrade my cyber cafe computers. This 4 days I really busy and everything on internet working as usually… Money , Earning, Order, ETC keep rolling even I’m busy in real life 😀 I love this!!

DHL PackageAdsense Check

If you’re in Malang you may need to know where you can cash this check right? There is no citybank in Malang you should going to another bank and asking if they can cashing this check.

In malang try going to …

BRI Syariah, Malang
Jl. Kawi No. 37 Kel. Bareng Kec. Klojen, Malang, Jawa Timur
Phone : (0341) 347926, 347925, 365269
Fax : (0341) 347926

Here I update Bank photo

Bank BRI

In there they can cashing your adsense check! usually I cash my check on there waiting time 3 weeks and they cut $10 for fee. You just only have to open account with them and you’re ready to cashing your adsense check basically they will verified your check with your ID then they will bring your check to citybank in other city to cash it.

Happy earning people ^_^

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4 thoughts on “I hate this adsense check”

  1. woooa…….

    kera ngalam ??

    podo sam….

    selamat yo… wes entok CHECK totok GA ..

    aku melok GA gk iso mas..

    umur sek 16…


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