HOW TO:Earn from Hundred to Billion Dollar Daily from FOREX

Crazy article? Nope I’m serious about this. You can earn hundred to billion dollar daily from forex market in just 1 minutes!, and you could loose all your money in just 1 minutes also!

Learning the forex trader style they are categorized as: Noob, Professional, Profit taking, gamblers. Which one you are? Noob usually play without any knowledge, he just thinking if loose then it’s he bad days. Professional are almost same with gamblers they’re using 99% fundamental and 1% lucky to earn big big profits. Profit taking are smart and always stop once they profit no matter they not reach daily target as long they profit. Gamblers is crazy they just gambling their money for WIN or LOOSE 100% lucky *lol*.

After learning forex more deeply I found some point interesting in here that could help everyone become rich with smart movement. First before you enter the forex market the important point in here is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE TO PLAY Simple! next point is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE and the last thing remember THINK ALL MONEY YOU PUT IN FOREX MARKET NOT YOURS! CONTROL YOUR EMOTION WHEN PLAY.

Strategy to win in forex market.

First calculating all your total money and money you can afford to loose. Read the important news that can affected on currency you play. Look on the charting use many indicator to predicted where this trend will go. after all of this point you understand now preparing to play. open position for buy when price are very low and open position to sell when price are to high.

IMPORTANT: Always open position with small funds first to see where the trends going! Never Fight daily Trend! and never ever trust 100% indicators. Indicators√ā† are static market is dynamic!

When you get minus 100-200 (look on daily and weekly chart to predicted highest and lowest price Usually in 200 point are good for big money in market) open new position same with your minus position and wait until market move again. If it keep minus again in 100-200 point open with same position again.

HINT: If you have big funds you can double√ā† or triple the position to cover lost in negative point. Once again CALCULATE TOTAL MONEY YOU OWN.

IMPORTANT: Look on major trend and calculating before you doing this.

Once you profit now time to close it don’t take to much profit as much you can afford to loose. with this method you could earn hundred to billion dollar from forex market. If you confused on this article I suggest to play with virtual money first once you understand it you can use real money.

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