How To Make Simple Programs Validation

In this short articles we will try to make simple validation using Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Internet Transfer Control component. Basically I need to make a simple validation to make sure my programs are licensed to real company and others company can’t used it if they not paid the license. I want something which only controlled by me and others can’t change it without my permission.

At the first time this idea coming into my mind. I was thinking to make a simple text file with some string on it, in this sample I write “valid” on this sample text file. I choose to put it on web-hosting because only me can change this value. My next job is creating programs which can get this value and implement it’s logic.

Let’s begin, First Start New Project and then add component name “Microsoft Internet Transfer Control”


Next add label and set the visible properties to false, This will hide label from viewers. Next setting the programming logic, this is an my very sample code:


Private Sub form_load()

‘get the value

Label1.Caption = Inet1.OpenURL(“”)

If Label1.Caption = “valid” Then

‘do nothing because label caption is valid


‘close the program when the label caption others than valid

Unload Me

End If

End Sub

That’s it, very simple and easy to understand! when we tested running it the is the result is.. (I set label properties visible true to see if it get the right value)


You can be creative by adding timer and playing with the programming logic ex: what should programs do when blabla, etc. Playing with another value and make it following your logic. With this sample we can control our programs to make sure it will only run on authorized company. Others should be paid the license before they’re going to used it.

That’s my share for today, have a nice day everyone! See you soon on next articles.. 🙂

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