How to: make profit daily play as Advertiser, Publisher , Affiliater

How to make profit daily for yourself. We all know if we’re going to be an advertising we might can not get profit return in our publisher account. example we’re have campaign and it cost us $100 a day in return to our publisher account it may be higher or lower.. but in normal condition it will become lower, it’s not profitable…

So how, we can get profit from it?

Have you ever heard about affiliate programs that’s the way we can use to get profit from money we advertising in return. Of course we need quality traffic and I already tell you how and where to buy quality traffic which it can be turn as profit for yourself.

How I can say it profitable? read this carefully!

Let say I have campaign cost me $100 daily using google adwords, in return I get $60 to my google adsense and lost $40, where I can get this $40 converted? try some affiliate program, sale something on your web.

I have friends write this on digitalpoint forums about how he make this profit in only 20 minutes.

He’s used google adwords and it cost him $3.62

In return on he’s google adsense account actually he’s make profit on this time. he made $12.61


Smart people always know how to maximize it, he’s combined it with commision junction and made $30 for commission.

So let’s calculate it!! how much this friends make profit.

$30+$12.61-$3.62 = $38.99

Do you understand no how we can make profit daily? in real result it might not really easy for some newbie to make profit using this way. just keep learn and try, not all have same way to generate revenue for himself. when you didn’t reach profit you should stop and checking again what’s wrong with yourself.


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